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Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality for everyone

Thanks to Google developers, we have found out that virtual reality isn’t science fiction any more, and what is even more interesting – almost everone can experience it using their smartphone.

That is why we decided to adopt google cardboard (open source solution) and create our own software to support and deliver such a product to our Clients.


We are the producer of high quality virtual reality goggles - inspired by google cardboard design. We use bright lens diameter: 25mm
We offer our own design, as well as graphics delivered by our Clients.


We use our own software for building virtual reality applications. That is why You can create and put in our goggles Your own world there (for example: shop, new flat, interesting place etc.). The application might be enriched with different kinds of multimedia (photos, movies etc.), comprising the tour guide elements or customized games.

We can adopt our 3D enviroment to Your individuall needs and ideas.

Our app may consist of:
- mapping the space in 3D model
- moving in three dimentional space
- the ability to run multimedia inside the 3D model
- intercations with the objects

Operating systems: Android, iOS

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